Autumn Running Basics

joggers in the autumn

Autumn Running Basics

Temperatures are cooling. Leaves are browning and starting to fall. This can only mean 1 thing – it’s running season. This time of year is ideal for running. Running coach Jack Daniels believes that pace is affected by :03-04 per mile for every 5 degrees over 60F. Another prominent coach, Jeff Galloway suggests that a runner should pace as much :30 slower per mile for every 5 degrees. Regardless of the formula, it’s easier to run at cooler temperatures. So get outside and exercise in these comfortable conditions. Be sure to wear a comfortable mask or have one handy, depending on the setting.

If you’ve never been a runner, but have always wanted to try it, follow these rules of thumb:

  • Ramp up gradually
    • Start by walking
    • Mix in a minute of slow jogging for every minute of walking
    • Gradually increase to 2 minutes of jogging for every minute of walking until you can jog consistently for 15-minutes straight. Then you’re on your way.
  • Always warm-up
    • Active movements are the best way to loosen up your joints and get your blood flowing
    • Start by moving all of your major joints through their range of motion
    • Gradually increase the range and speed of movement until you feel ready to go
    • You should have a light sweat before starting your jog
  • If the shoe fits…
    • Wear running shoes that fit you well and feel good while running
    • It’s best to get fitted at a running shop, even better if they do video analysis that breaks down your stride
    • Lace your shoes snugly, but not so tight that your toes tingle
  • Function follows form
    • There is no ideal stride, but efficiency increases pace and prevents injuries
    • Try to stay centered on your feet
    • Keep your hips forward and stand upright
    • Hold your elbows at approximately a 90 degree angle and piston
    • Aim for 90 steps per minute
  • Cool-down
    • After your target workout allow your body to relax with a slow jog
    • Stretch major muscle groups
      • Hamstrings
      • Gluts
      • Quads
      • Calves

Lastly, have fun – running is great exercise and an excellent excuse to get outside if you’ve been working from home and haven’t been to the gym in a while. Make the most of the opportunity.

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Daniel Seidler, PT, MS

Daniel has had the pleasure of being a Physical Therapist since graduating from Columbia University in 1996. He's the former owner of WSPT in the Bronx, NY. Throughout his career, Daniel has thrived as a healthcare innovator, entrepreneur, and executive. Since 2018, Telehealth PT has been his passion and his mission. Daniel provides educational programming to PT students, Physical Therapists and Physician Assistants on the basics and nuances of TelePT. He also continues to treat patients via Telehealth. Daniel is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association, the American Telemedicine Association, he is an Advisory Board Member of the Mercy College Physical Therapy program and a member of the Pace University Lubin Design Thinking Certificate Program. He loves spending time with his family, running in Prospect Park and doing the NY Times Sunday Crossword.