Telemedicine Treatment Methods

At Tele PT Services, we want our patients to think of us as any other physical therapy practice. The only difference between us and them is our ability to administer treatment without you even needing to leave the home. By utilizing two major treatment methods listed below, we help our patients fully recover from their injuries promptly and effectively:

Therapeutic Exercise
Therapeutic exercise is the largest component of a successful physical therapy program. Before teaching any exercises, our physical therapist will perform a full assessment of your injury to determine the level of intensity your body can handle. Therapeutic exercises will begin after this is done. Each treatment program created by our physical therapist is specifically tailored to the patient they’re working with. Various stretches, strength exercises, and forms of balance are applied to help patients achieve optimal healing results. Our TelePTs perform a step by step walkthrough of each exercise for patients to ensure correct technique, effectiveness and safety.

Patient Education
Even patients who travel to physical therapy facilities for treatment only spend a few hours of the week with trained medical professionals. That is why it’s imperative that physical therapists thoroughly explain to patients what caused their injury, and how to avoid it from recurring. Our expert staff at Tele PT Services will call out any postural issues, gait abnormalities, and lifestyle choices that may have lead to pain, and offer everyday fixes to correct the problem. We believe that patients who have a full understanding of their ailment will have power over it, and allow them to make the changes necessary to find relief.